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Champagne Netherland Dwarf Does

These are my herd rabbits and are not available for sale, if you are interested in purchasing a rabbit, please visit the avaialble rabbit pages.

You will notice that at this point in time most of my senior aged Champagnes are Mids (not full colored champagne)  my goal was to improve type first, this years goal (2015) is to put these Mids back into the full colored rabbits and start replacing these Mids with as nice Champagnes.

Bloink's Ayala
Sire: R&E's Jayhawk   -Champagne
Dam: R&E Somethin Special -Champagne

Bloink's Hotel California

Mid Champagne
Sire: Bloink's Brice   -Champagne
Dam: Bella Coniglio's CX   -Black

Bloink's Mimosa
Black Light Champagne
Sire: Jacob's Whistle   -Black   -3 Legs
Dam: R&E's Glenda   -Champagne

Bloink's Mixer
Mid Champagne
Sire: Bloink's Waverunner   -Mid Champagne
Dam: R&E's R39   -Champagne

Bloink's Tight Lips
Mid Champagne
Sire: Kaymar's Michael   -Champagne
Dam: Bloink's Mimosa   -Mid Champagne

Bloink's London Bus
Mid Champagne
Sire: Kaymar's Michale   -Champagne
Dam: Bloink's Southern Bubbles   -Mid Champagne
(pictured on litter)

Bloink's Passat
Mid Champagne
Sire: R&E's Jayhawk   -Champagne
Dam: Bloink's Pineapple Express   -Broken Black

Bloink's Sue
Mid Champagne
Sire: Bloink's Asher   -Chocolate Mid Champagne
Dam: Bloink's Ester   -Chestnut -2 Legs
This gal managed to earn 2 Jr legs before she silvered out

Bloink's Regatta
Broken Black Light Champagne
Sire: R&E's Jayhawk   -Champagne
Dam: Legino's Cupcake   -Broken Black

Bloink's Cattier
Sire: Bloink's Typhoon   -Mid Champagne
Dam: R&E's Glinda   -Champagne
(Pictured 25 days prego)

Bloink's Irish Lady
Black Light Champagne
Sire: Bloink's Eli   -Black   -2 Legs
Dam: Tip Toes Serenedy   -Black Mid Champagne
(Pardon my chewed hair, I am a good mom)

Bloink's Erotica
Black Mid Champagne
Sire: Bloink's Luther   -Black
Dam: R&E's Glinda
R&E's RE56
Sire: Adolph's 491/ Z83   -Champagne
Dam: R&E's RE3F   -Mid Champagne
Breeder: Ed Dowczeck
Champagne Netherland Dwarf
Bloink's Wedding Bell Punch
Broken Mid Champagne
Sire: R&E's Jayhawk -Champagne
Dam: Bloink's Pineapple Express - Broken Black

R&E's RE29
Breeder: Ed Dowczeck
Dreamcatcher's Hachie
Sire: Adolph's 491/Z83   -Champagne
Dam: Dreamcatcher's Gabella   -Champagne
Breeder: Joe Powers
Bloink's Fleece
Sire: Kaymar's Micahel - Champagne
Dam: Bloink's Bellini - Mid Champagne
(I am a BUD, but have a bod, and can hold 8 babies!)
R&E's Something Special
Sire: Dreamcatcher's BAL   -Mid Champagne
Dam: Dreamcatcher's 12   -Champagne
Breeder: Ed Dowczeck